After Abu Dhabi Talks, NSA Clarifies & Reassures About Agency of Afghans in Peace Process and Governance

Hamdullah Mohib announced on Twitter about the Afghan government’s gratitude towards the international community for their interests in bringing peace to Afghanistan.

He expressed thanks to USA, KSA and UAE for their efforts in Afghan peace.

However, Mohib went on to clarify about some “ongoing speculations which are misleading”.

His statement read that “all efforts toward peace in Afghanistan are taking into account the reality of the new Afghanistan. We appreciate our partners’ efforts in pushing for an intra-Afghan dialogue, foremost the United States”.

He also cleared that U.S.-Afghan relations are guided by the bilateral security agreement between the two, which is supported by the Afghan people and ratified by the Consultative Loya Jirga, the Wolesi Jirga and the Meshrano Jirga.

Mohib further explained that “As a sovereign country, no other country or individual has the right or the authority to discuss new governance formulas or structures for Afghanistan, including political dispensations, which violate the Afghan constitution. The authority to make any decision about Afghanistan’s future lies with the Afghan people and their elected leaders. There is no substitute for an elected government. There will be no deal over the sacrifices of the Afghan people.”

He said that Afghan people want lasting peace and not a ‘hurried deal’ that ignores the sacrifices. Peace efforts require strategic patience, tact, and courage — not improvisation without direction, according to Mohib.

He conceded by assuring the Afghan people that peace is a collective desire and that’s what everyone is working to achieve.

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