After Inauguration, Lapiz Lazuli Route to Facilitate Afghan Cargo Truck for Europe for First Time

Imam Mohammd Warymoch, Deputy Minister of Transport, in a press conference ahead of the inauguration of the Lapis Lazuli route by President Ghani in Herat, said that it will be the first time that an Afghan cargo truck would leave for Europe.

The deputy minister of industry and commerce, Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai added that the first consignment on the route is to include 83 tonnes of cotton string, 23 tonnes of raisins, 26 tonnes of watermelon seeds, and 2.5 tonnes of sesame.

President Ghani is going to leave for Herat on Thursday to inaugurate the route and it was confirmed by Shah Hussain Murtazawi, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson that “Lapis Lazuli route will be officially inaugurated by president Ghani in Herat tomorrow”.

Murtazawi added that the route is going to decrease the prices and up Afghan export, thus stimulating the economy and enabling Afghan businesses to flourish.

Abdulrahimzai further pointed the benefits of the route “The Lapis Lazuli route is one of the cheapest and safest routes for Afghan products. It will connect Afghanistan to Europe”.

Moreover, Atiqullah Nasrat, the Chief Executive officer of ACCI added that Lapis Lazuli is going to help Afghan businessmen to export their goods in a shorter time and they will incur lesser expenses. He expressed that one of the bets ways the National Unity Government helped the businessman was by launching the air corridors. And with this new route, he said that such opportunities will create new jobs too. He finally informed that the first shipment through the route will reach Turkey in 11-15 days.

Assuring about the logistics and skills of facilitation of cargo transport in the route, Warymoch said that “Drivers assigned to transport Afghan goods through Lapis Lazuli route are will trained and are well-versed in multi language”.

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