After Rumours of Delay in Presidential Elections, Officials Assure Timely Process

After an article by the Wall Street Journal, which alleged that the US ‘might’ be considering to request Kabul to postpone the presidential elections in order to smoothen talks with Taliban, became viral and turned heads, the officials and leaders of Afghan government have announced and released statement to assure of the otherwise.

Deputy Chief of Staff to President Haroon Chakhansuri who is also the spokesperson to President Ghani, released a statement assuring and reaffirming that “The Afghan Government is fully committed to hold the 2019 presidential elections as per the Afghan constitution, and the date determined by IEC.” He also added “Continuity in a democratic process is a must and any other proposal than the will of Afghans which is outlined in our constitution is simply not acceptable.”

Haroon Chakhansuri. Deputy Chief of Staff and Spokesperson to the President

The Chief Advisor to the President Fazel Fazly also announced on his social media that “The Afghan Government’s commitment to holding the 2019 presidential vote is unwavering. As dictated by the country’s constitution, we will stick to the election date announced by the election commission and follow the timeline once determined.”

Mr Fazly also emphasised that “Afghanistan is a democracy and any transfer of power has to be done through a democratic process. Any other proposals that runs contrary to the Afghan constitution and people’s will not be acceptable to our people.”

Especially after confirmation of the electoral commission that the presidential elections would be held on April 20th, it has been reaffirmed by senior officials under the President that there is no delay or even remote consideration to hamper a democratic process just so the United States can have some negotiations with the Taliban terrorists.

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