AGO Reveals Status of Probe into Sexual Harassment Claims Against AFF, Asks Sponsor Organisations to Provide Information

The spokesperson of the attorney general, Jamshed Rasuli held a press conference on Sunday to address the matter of the AGO’s recent investigations into the claims of sexual harassment by the football federation of Afghanistan.

Jamshed Rasuli said that 15 officials of Afghan Football Federation have been investigated so far on charges of abuse claims and he also added that “We have asked Khalida Popal to provide evidence over the claims that she made to help us in the investigation process”. Khalida Popal is a female Afghan football player who was one the first persons to come ahead and reveal the harassment claims.

“We have asked the sponsor of Afghan National Football teams to explain the reasons for cutting off the partnerships with Afghanistan’s football”, Rasuli said with respect to certain organisations renouncing their sponsorship for the AFF.

Jamshid Rasuli expressed that “Women’s defender organizations, media and civic activists should share their information on charges of sexual harassment in the Afghanistan Football Federation with the Attorney General’s Office in order to make a “fair” decision”.

Rasuli added that “So far, there has been no decision taken on the charge of sexual harassment in the Football Federation. If the claims are not proven right in this regard, the claimants may face legal repercussion”.

“The AGO’s work is to continue probe into the allegations. We ask the Hummel company why they withdrew their sponsorship for the football federation and that if they have any documents they should share with us,” Rasuli continued.

He also explained that the team that was investigating the allegations of abuse in women’s football team hasn’t concluded with the information it has gathered so far.

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