AIHRC Calls For Reduction In Violence After 22 Killed, 126 Wounded In Ghor

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said that 22 civilians were killed, and 126 others were injured in two separate explosions in Ghor over the weekend and called for a reduction in violence.

The Oct. 18 suicide car bombing near the Department of Women’s Affairs, the Department of Martyrs and Disabled and the Ghor Police Headquarters in Firozkoh, claimed the lives of 16 civilians and injured 125 others, including four women and 31 children.

Homes, shops and vehicles were also destroyed in the vicinity.

Another roadside blast on Oct. 17, occurred when a bus carrying civilians collided with a bomb in the Firozkoh area. Six civilians, including two women and two children, were killed and another was injured in the blast, according to AIHRC.

The rights commission, expressing sorrow over the escalation of violence in the country, called the attacks a “a clear violation of international laws of war and international humanitarian law.”

The continuation of these attacks, in addition to inflicting civilian casualties, also undermines the ongoing peace process and pose a serious challenge to the reconciliation process.

They called on Afghan security establishments to do their utmost to protect the citizens and punish the perpetrators.

The AIHRC also called on the Taliban to reduce violence “as promised” and to stop killing innocent people, and to agree to a nationwide ceasefire.

Ghor bombing attack

The Ghor governor’s office said on Tuesday, that 15 people were killed and 151 were wounded in the suicide car bombing.

Some of the victims were laid to rest on Monday.

At least 20 disabled children and a teacher were also gathered at a nearby classroom, attending a training programme for people who are hearing impaired.
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The children could not hear the explosion but 17 people were hurt when debris fell on them.

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