AIHRC Chairperson Points a Quarter of Afghan Population Has Faced Discrimination on Some Grounds

“We are responsible to adopt the prohibition of any type of violence,” said Sima Samar, the chairperson of Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan at a conference on Monday.

Samar pointed out the various findings of a survey conducted regarding different types of discrimination faced by people.25.4 percent of population of Afghanistan said that they have faced some types of discriminations in different levels, she highlighted.

957 respondents (27.9 %) confirmed in the survey conducted by the commission that they have faced discrimination based on language. While 3,065 respondents said they have not faced discrimination while receiving health services, 3057 responded to facing such discrimination.

Samar added that 407 respondents revealed they face discrimination in receiving education services.

In terms of complaints on such grounds, it was found that 317 respondents of the survey claimed that they have complained after facing discrimination and Samar assured that 103 of those who complained say their complaints had been addressed.

Education Minister Mirwais Balkhi also addressed the conference, wherein he said that one million new students will be enrolled in schools this year. Balkhi called on President Ghani to increase the salary of schoolteachers as well.

President Ghani, at the same conference said that the work on construction of 1,200 school buildings will start in the coming week and pointed that the budget for construction of 2,700 schools has already been allocated this year.
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11,000 new teachers are set to be appointed in the near future.

The president also highlighted that a plan of updating school curriculum has already begun apart from 1,000 modern laboratories being provided by India to the schools in Afghanistan.

“Anyone who threatens teachers, means personally threating me and it is not acceptable,” Ghani said.

He also declared that an International university has agreed to provide all its engineering curriculum to Afghanistan’s universities.

He spoke about the need of enough human resources to achieve stability in Afghanistan.
“The problem of providing land to teachers has been solved to some extent, and the matter of increasing teachers’ salary will be considered”, Ghani said.

Finally, president Ghani called on the teachers to fight against corruption and asked them to pay more attention to students.

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