AIHRC Reports 19 Percent Increase in Civilian Casualties in 2018, Majority of Casualties at Hands of Taliban

An Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) survey shows that civilian casualties in 2018 increased 19 percent compared to 2017.

“A total of 11,212 civilians were killed or wounded last year in the country as compared to 9413 people in 2017”, said AIHRC Chairperson Sima Samar at a news conference on Tuesday.

While saying that of this total, 3032 people were killed and 8180 others were injured, Sima Samar added that 709 of them were men, 933 of them women and 2452 others are children and gender of 118 others haS not been identified.

She added that the highest civilian casualties were in the south-west, east, center, north-east, south, west and north of the country.

“53 percent of civilian casualties during last year was inflicted by the Taliban, 11.
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9 percent by the security forces and international forces in Afghanistan and 12.5 percent by the IS-K group, whereas 21 percent wasn’t claimed by anyone or a group,” explained Sima Samar.
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The AIHRC Head added that 27% of civilian casualties were caused by suicide attacks, 20.25% of them in ground clashes between sides involved in war, 19.19% in rocket attacks, 16.35% in IED explosions, and 8.5% of that has occurred in air strikes. Meanwhile, she said that 847 others were killed in individual killings and 88 others during night raids.

While referring to violence against journalists, Samar added that in 2018, 24 journalists were killed, 20 others were injured and 27 other journalists were insulted and assaulted.

Meanwhile, Ms Samar urged the Afghan government to teach international humanitarian law to all security forces and end the culture of impunity, and punish those who neglected preventing civilian casualties.

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