ANDSF Killed More Than 2000 Insurgents in Past 3 Months: MoI

Najib Danish, the spokesperson for Ministry of Interior in a press conference on Tuesday informed that over the past three months, ANDSF have killed more than 2000 insurgents in various provinces, and he expressed how this is a significant achievements for interior ministry.

Danish said “Afghan security forces have killed three popular Taliban shadow governors for Helmand, Ghor and Paktika. ANDSF have also killed 20 Taliban commanders together with 11 others commanders who belonged to the Red Unit of the Taliban”.

He also added that over the past three months, more than 5,000 enemies have been identified and arrested from across the country.

Furthermore, Danish highlighted that narcotics constitutes one of the financial sources of the insurgents and MoI has discovered and confiscated dozens of tons of narcotics in various provinces.

Danish spoke about Monday’s complex attack in PD16 Kabul, and informed that following the explosion, 4 terrorists entered in buildings of Ministry of Public Works and a department of MoLSAMD.
“In yesterday’s attack we avoided two motor-bomb explosions and safely evacuated 357 staffs from the attack”, he said.

It was confirmed that 40 people, including 11 women, were killed in yesterday’s bloody attack and 29 people were wounded including 18 men, 2 children and 7 women.

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