Any Attempt Against Doha Peace Accord Will Face Failure: Taliban Warns

On the first anniversary of the Doha agreement on Sunday, the Taliban warned that any attempt against the Doha peace agreement will end to failure.

Taliban in a statement said that the agreement agreement between US and the group was signed for the people of Afghanistan and the United States to end the 20-year war.

The Taliban statement referred to the commitments of the two sides in the peace agreement and stated that the group is committed to all the contents of the agreement and considers its implementation an effective means of resolving the problem and ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

The Taliban, while urging the United States to abide by all the provisions of the agreement, stressed that the release of the remaining prisoners and the removal of the names from the blacklist were among the articles of the agreement that had not yet been fulfilled.

According to the Taliban, this should be taken in order to speed up the ongoing intra-Afghan talks.

Although the Taliban have been repeatedly accused of escalating violence since the signing of the agreement, the group said that it had reduced its operations, attacked major military and intelligence centers and had not collapsed any districts.

In the meantime, the Taliban in the statement demanded the withdrawal of the remaining US troops from Afghanistan.
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The militants group have recently called on Qatar, the UN Security Council and all countries and international observers present at the signing ceremony to take responsibility for the full implementation of the Doha Agreement.

The Doha peace agreement was signed on February last year between Zalmai Khalilzad, the US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, and Mullah Baradar, the head of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar during Donald Trump’s presidency.

In the meantime, Presdential deputy spokesman Dawakhan Minapal tweeted today that the Afghans view of the Doha agreement as a waste of time to achieve peace.

Minapal stressed that the Doha Agreement had inflicted heavy personal and financial damages on Afghans and had completely destroyed Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Rahmatullah Andar, spokesman for the National Security Council, said today that the Doha agreement did not meet the expectations of Afghans for peace and security.

He stressed that the Doha peace agreement had not achieved any positive results for Afghan citizens and had so far only established a ceasefire with the United States, and that the Taliban’s relations with Afghans remained limited to killing, assassination and atrocities.

According to him, since the agreement was signed, the country’s infrastructure has been severely damaged and thousands of citizens have fallen victims to Taliban violence.

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