As Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive and Other Eminent Politicians and Leaders Visit Kandahar, Unity Amongst Afghans Manifests

Chief Executive Abdullah on Thursday left for Kandahar for a visit to pay homage and tribute to Late Gen Raziq, who was the Kandahar Police Chief. Dr Abdullah was welcomed by the elders on his arrival at the province.

Dr Abdullah visited the grave of Late Gen Raziq who was martyred last week in an attack by Taliban. An attack took place inside the governor of Kandahar’s office last Thursday wherein a bodyguard planted by Taliban open fired during a meeting. Gen Raziq, and Gen Momin lost their lives while several others were wounded.

On his visit to Kandahar, the second Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq said that the Afghan people need unity and empathy above all.

Mohammad Mohaqiq accompanied Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and several other politicians and cabinets in the morning, and expressed that Kandahar police commander’s death was not only tragic but unfair. He said that Gen Raziq’s martyrdom is a symbol of ‘unity and empathy’ among the Afghans.

Mr Mohaqiq said that General Raziq was not just a fighter for his own tribe or solely his own province, but he was an irreplaceable figure of Afghanistan who sacrificed his life. Mohaqiq while addressing a crowd on his visit, expressed that, “General Raziq was a welcoming and tactful man, and the arrival of the elders of the country to Kandahar is due to their strong interest in him, not political matters.
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I expect the people of Kandahar and his brother to maintain the spirit of empathy that has been created. We are in solidarity with Kandahar’s people and will always remember General Raziq.”

Mr. Salangi, a former governor of Farah was among the politicians who visited Kandahar on Thursday. He emphasised that the fact that all the people of Afghanistan, regardless of ethnic divisions, position or status coming together to mourn the martyrdom of Gen Raziq show sympathy and condolences that rest with the family of General Raziq, represent the solidarity and unity among the Afghans that cuts across any ethnic or socio-economic lines.
Salangi also added that those who are responsible for the assassination of Gen Raziq should know that Afghans are more united than ever and they refuse to accept cowardice.

At the meeting, the chief executive Abdullah also said that the assassination of General Raziq was an act of hostility towards Afghanistan which cannot go unanswered.

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