As Ramadan Begins, Ghani Says “We Welcome Every Step that Leads to Peace”

President Ghani in a video message on the occasion of Ramadan said that the Afghan government welcomes every step towards peace.

He reiterated his call on the Taliban to respond to the demand of Afghans for peace and reconciliation which was reflected at the grand council of 3,200 from around the country.

The president emphasized in this video that the Resolution of Peace Consultative Peace Jirga comprises a large part of government’s policy on peace and will be pursued until full realization.

He said that Ramadhan is a month of peace and reconciliation.  “I once again call on the Taliban to respect this holy month and address the demand of Afghans for peace and reconciliation which was reflected at the Grand Consultative Jirga for Peace,” Ghani said.

He said the Jirga delegates presented a roadmap and an action plan for the Afghan government in the form of a resolution. “I want to assure the people that the resolution of the peace Jirga will make a big part of the peace policy of the government.”

Ghani said that the Afghan government has accepted the Jirga delegates call and it supports any effort which leads to peace in the country.

An immediate ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban was the main demand of the grand council delegates, which was initially rejected by the Taliban.

Taliban said in a statement that “Jihad” in Ramadhan is more “rewarding” compared with other months of the year.

This message comes after the Loya Jirga on Peace concluded on Friday with a 23-point resolution and prime demand from Taliban. a ceasefire starting Ramadan.

While the international community including UN and US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad appreciated on the Loya Jirga resolutions, the Taliban rejected the ceasefire proposal.

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