At Swearing-in Ceremony of Newly Appointed IEC & IECC Members, President Ghani Warns Against Any Political Links

After the announcement about appointment of new members of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), President Ghani expressed that the new commissioners represent all the political parties and presidential candidates, during the swearing in ceremony of the members on Monday. The members were elected by the presidential candidates on Thursday.

The president also warned the new election commissioners against maintaining relations with political parties while he added that everyone knows the new commissioners were elected in a transparent manner.

It was also clarified that the new commissioners would be selecting their chief within the next two days. Regarding parliamentary election results, Ghani clarified that the results should be released soon.

At the same program, Chief Executive Abdullah said that the national unity government is committed to bringing reforms to the commissions. He also added that the government does not mean to ignore the peace process if it emphasises on holding presidential elections. President Ghani also said that that all violations in elections will be prosecuted according to the law.

On Sunday, the names of new members of IEC and IECC were announced. The newly appointed members of IEC are Sayed Esmatullah Mal, Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, Awrang Zeb, Mohammad Hanif Danishyar, Musafir Qoqandi, Hawa Alam Nuristani, and Rahima Zarifi, while Habib-Ur-Rahman Nang was appointed as the head of the secretariat of IEC.

Based on President Ghani’s decree, the newly appointed members of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission are Mohammad Qasim Elyasi, Zuhra Bayan Shinwari, Mawlawi Din Mohammad Azimi, Mohammad Yunus Toghra, and Sayed Qutbuddin Roidar.
Subsequently, Chaman Shah Etemadi has been appointed as the new head of the Secretariat of the IECC.

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