Atmar: Presidential Candidates Ready to Mount Pressure on Government, NUG Terms Ends May 22

Addressing a group of presidential candidates, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, a presidential candidate, said that the nation and the candidates are awaiting President Ghani’s decision after May 22 which he says is the end of the NUG’s term according to the Constitution, and if the demands of candidates are not met, they are ready to mount pressure on the government.

Atmar expressed that the country will face a “political instability” if President Ghani continues to pressurize the Supreme Court to extend his term.

Atmar pointed out that the continuation of the incumbent government after May 22 is not in favor of the country, neither constitutional.

Adding that there is no guarantee that the incumbent government will announce another delay in the presidential elections which he says has been postponed “many times”, Atmar expressed that the presidential candidates have consulted lawyers on the decision of the Supreme Court to extend President Ghani’s, and according to the lawyers, the Supreme Court “cannot interpret the Constitution”.

Atmar expressed concern over the belief that the government has no will to bring transparency to the elections, adding that the parliamentary elections were a scandal.

“The incumbent government is not committed to peace. The the government is trying to postpone peace until elections and earn another five years. But the presidential candidates want a caretaker government”, Atmar said.

Atmar then suggested that President Ghani head a caretaker government but quit from his candidacy for in the upcoming presidential elections.

He conceded that in order to to reach their demands, the presidential candidates will continue their political pressure on the government.

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