Biden: Pulling Out US Troops From Afghanistan by 1 May Would Be ‘Tough’

The US and the Taliban struck a deal last year stipulating the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in exchange for certain steps by the Taliban.

US President Joe Biden has stated in an interview with ABC News that withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan by the 1 May deadline would be “tough”, although doable.

POTUS suggested that the deadline, which was supposed to mark the full withdrawal of the remaining 2,500 US servicemen in the country, could be postponed to a slightly later date.

“I’m in the process of making that decision now as to when they’ll leave”, Biden said.

The US president blamed his predecessor, Donald Trump, for being responsible for the difficulties the administration is purportedly facing in organising the troop withdrawal in time.
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Biden claims the previous president’s alleged unwillingness to properly hand over affairs during the transition period was allegedly the cause of the current issues.

Biden also took a swipe at Trump over his decision to strike a peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020 to end the 20-year US war in Afghanistan and under which Washington is supposed to withdraw their troops from the country by 1 May.

POTUS added the deal was “not very solidly negotiated” by his predecessor, but did not delve into the details.

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