Border Closure Bearing Negative Impact on Pak-Afghan Trade

The prolong closure of trade routes with Afghanistan is bearing highly negative impact not only on Pakistani exports rather it is losing its traditional market to other states of the region, said businesses from countries.

Pakistan export to Afghanistan in the 2012 to highest stage of about US$ 2.5 billion and the demand of all Pakistani products particularly flour, cement, medicines, fruit and vegetable was high and hundreds of containers loaded with these products were crossing over to Afghanistan.

But since then the trade is constantly declining while the ongoing closure of the border for the last 46 days is likely to play further havoc with it. Presently more than 6000 Afghanistan bound containers are stranded at Karachi Port.

Talking to scribe, Ahmad Shah, a prominent Afghan importer though welcomed the decision of Pakistan for opening border for three days a week. However, he said that as Afghanistan is the biggest consumer state of Pakistani products and their demand is also highly.

Therefore, he called for the opening of the border for all seven days of the week to clear the backlog of about 6000 containers stranded at Karachi Port to mitigate the expenses of Afghan importers in head of demurrage and detention charge. He said that Pakistani cement, particularly Cherat and Kohat cement were having high demand.

Not only Afghans rather Pakistani exporters and other stakeholders of the bilateral and transit trade are also attributing the constant decline in trade due to some business unfriendly steps on the side of Pakistan.

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