Britain’s Got Talent ‘Magic Marine’ James Saved Soldier’s Life in Afghanistan

Britain’s Got Talent ‘s “magic marine” James Stott is a modest war hero who saved the life of his fellow squaddie while serving in Afghanistan.

He also bravely retrieved the dead body of another soldier after a bomb blast in 2008.

James was even considered for a Military Cross award for his amazing feat, but he was not eligible as he was injured in 2009 and could not return to the front line.

His impressive act on Saturday’s BGT saw him blow up a series of boxes on stage, correctly guessing which one would not explode and risking his life in the process.

But after his experience in the marines, little scares James now.

He told The Sun that on New Year’s Eve 2008, he saw a soldier get blown up by a bomb, and another had his arm “torn up”.

He crawled over to them, and was caught in enemy fire, but still picked up the injured soldier and shielded him a bulletproof shield the size of a piece of paper.

He then went back to retrieve the body of the fallen soldier.

“I was due to be lined up for the Military Cross but suffered an injury in 2009 and couldn’t return to the front line,” he explained.

“So while I was nervous performing on BGT, one thing that didn’t scare me was getting hurt.”

“On the show, I had to hope that something wouldn’t go terribly wrong.”

James added that he was considering getting his marine friends to star in his next performance – but that he hadn’t told any of them he was auditioning on the show, so they would be surprised.

The act was based on the skills James learnt as a marine, including the ability to read people based on tiny body language gestures, and his incredible intuition which had saved his life many times.
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He also revealed he only practised his act once before – and it didn’t go as planned.

But thankfully his performance went well on the night, and judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden sent him through to the next round.

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