Brothers in Arms: Afghan Pilot Pens Emotional Letter to Major Taylor’s Wife

Major Abdul Rahman Rahmani, an Afghan Army pilot of the Special Mission Wing who was stationed few miles away from Major Brent Taylor shared an emotional letter that he wrote to the late Major Taylor’s wife, Jennie Taylor.

Major Brent Taylor lost his life last week in an apparent green on blue attack confirmed by Resolute Support. An ANSF soldier had reportedly open fired on the Coalition Forces members in Kabul and it claimed the life of Major Taylor while injuring another US service member.

Brent Taylor, 39, was the mayor of a North Ogden in Utah state of the US. He took leave from the office as mayor to serve in a 12-month deployment with the Utah National Guard in Kabul. This was Major Trent’s fourth deployment. He had previously served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

Major Rahmani, who penned the letter to Ms Taylor mentioned that he had served with Major Taylor and flew a couple of missions with him as well.
“He was an inspiring man who loved you all. I remember him saying-Family is not something, it is everything,” Rahmani quoted.

The letter to Major Brent Taylor’s family

Having lost several members of his own family to the war in Afghanistan, Major Rahmani expressed that he will continue to fight the “good fight” for the sacrifices made by Major Taylor and many others like him. Rahmani pointed how Taylor used to thank his fellow Afghan military colleagues for not only securing Afghanistan but also fighting to keep families in the US safe as well, preventing “another 9/11 to happen in the United States.”

In the letter, Major Rahmani wrote that he considered Taylor a dear friend and that he was “a leader”. He urged Mrs Taylor to keep telling her 7 children how brave their father was “never stop telling them what a great man their father was, he was a true patriot. He died on our soil but he died for the success of freedom and democracy in both countries.”

“Most Afghans feel extreme sorrow and pain over the loss..On behalf of my family and Brent’s friends here, we pledge to continue to work hard until the end,” Rahmani wrote, thus reflecting the emotional brotherhood all service members and military personnel share. It reflects a spirit of solidarity that cuts across any nationality, ethnicity, race or gender.

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