Cautiously Optimistic and Hopeful, Khalilzad Seeks Peace Deal Before Presidential Elections

Khalilzad held a meeting with journalists in Kabul where he clarified that the Taliban themselves believe they can’t win militarily. This comes after the US envoy met with some Taliban members in Qatar last month as well as a 3-day discussion session with Taliban before his current visit to Kabul.

Expressing a positive perspective, Khalilzad said that there is definitely an opportunity and potential for peace in Afghanistan.

Assuring about the peace process and talks, the US Special Representative clarified that the conclusion of the peace talks would be peace, “a successful Afghanistan, one that doesn’t pose any threats to itself and to the international community.”

After having communicated with the Taliban insurgents, Khalilzad informed those in the meeting that the Taliban might carry out some additional changes in their negotiation team.

Mr Khalilzad also clarified that at this juncture there isn’t anything to announce, except that he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ and ‘hopeful’ about peace talks.

Explaining further about his expectations, he said that he hopes to see a peace deal conceded before the presidential elections take place in April 2019. He also called on the Taliban to utilise this opportunity.

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