CE Abdullah Calls Police to Remain Impartial in the Presidential Election

Chief Executive of National Unity Government Dr Abdullah Abdullah pointed out that no one has the right to order police whom to work or vote for, and to do so is against law and spirit of free, fair and credible election.

Addressing the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) meeting in Kabul in the presence of ambassadors and representatives of some countries, Dr. Abdullah once again called for the impartiality of security institutions namely Afghan National Police in the election, and said that the forces shouldn’t lose their reputation and place among the people.

He emphasized on non-politicization of the police, adding that protecting fair and transparent election is one of the main responsibilities of the police, and that security officials should remain impartial and provide security.

“Steps have been taken to bring reform and combat corruption, but there is need for additional efforts in pursuit of it and the vigilantes which inflict harm on reputation of police should be removed from security forces”, Dr. Abdullah said.

While addressing the same meeting, Acting Interior Minister, Massoud Andarabi reassured that police will remain impartial in election process and praised the International Community for supporting security institutions specially the police.

Moreover, UK’s ambassador Alison Blake and joint chief of the International Police Coordination board representing the members of the board said that they have gathered today to renew the commitment of International community to support the security forces and Afghan people.

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