CE Abdullah: Centrality of Afghan Government in Peace Talks is Crucial

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah while addressing journalists at a press conference in Kabul on Monday expressed that there’s a significant hurdle in the peace process-the unchanging stance of Taliban.

He showed concern by saying that if the foreign troops pull out of the country, then the Taliban will have no reason to engage in the peace process.

“The government has not been able to get all sectors of society to stand together over the peace process but calls on the people to unite over the issue”, he remarked.

Talking further about troop withdrawal, he said that there has been no agreement made with respect to permanent US bases in Afghanistan.
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But he also assured that a partial withdrawal would be fine as the nation is protected by the Afghan security forces.

Giving a realistic perspective he said “one day foreign troops will leave the country and we must be ready for this”.

However he criticised the widespread involvement and keenness of non-governmental politicians to engage in talks with Taliban, “politicians are ignoring the government while they engage in talks with Taliban. This will increase Taliban’s stubbornness.”

He also remarked “One of our personalities who talks about an interim government and has started efforts in this regard thinks that if an interim government is established, its leadership would be the same as it was in the past.”

He emphasised on the centrality of the Afghan government in the upcoming talks in Moscow, “Afghan government should be central to peace talks; so far the Taliban have no accepted any other plan”.

He added “Suppose the Taliban have promised to fight against terrorists in return for withdrawal of US troops, do you think a country like US would deal with the issue so lightly?”

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