CE Abdullah: Setup of Interim Government Not in Interest of Afghans

Dr Abdullah Abdullah, CEO of National Unity Government has said that the setup of an interim government for a temporary purpose is not in the interest of the Afghan people, and there has been no debate in this regard.

Speaking at Council of Ministers meeting, Dr. Abdullah said that in recent days the efforts have been made so that the activities be focused on the peace issue. He stressed that political leaders should cooperate and help each other to represent Islamic Republic and demands of people for peace talks.

Stressing on formation of an inclusive representatives on peace talks he added that: “The principle of determining people’s destiny by people themselves is the key element in the peace talks.”

Abdullah Abdullah added, “If we tie peace and elections together, we may not be able to achieve both goals, so it’s very important to concentrate on both while separately considering their time and avoiding time wastage.”

He urged all government institutions to cooperate with election commissions in order to have free and fair elections, and that the platform be paved for all candidates in order to guarantee the fairness of elections and the use of government facilities.

The Chief Executive added that no changes were made to the level of cooperation between the security institutions and Resolute Support Mission, and NATO is committed to continued support for Afghanistan.
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According to Dr Abdullah Abdullah, the possible decrease of foreign forces would not mean cutting off cooperation with Afghanistan.

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