Civil Society & Media Call on Kabul Delegation in Doha Intra-Afghan Talks to Focus on Democratic Principles in Afghanistan

A joint group of civil society and media has called on the Kabul delegation in Doha Intra-Afghan Dialogue to focus and emphasize on the principles such as democratic system, the rights to vote, women rights and participation, freedom of expression, justice and rights of citizenship.

In addition to welcoming Intra-Afghan talks at a conference in Kabul today, the group expressed appreciation to the facilitators of the dialogue.

In a statement, the group urged the delegation that upon their return from Doha conference, they should share the details of their talks with Taliban representatives to the people of Afghanistan.

While emphasizing on religious, historical, cultural and human values, the joint group of civil society and the media called on the participants of Qatar conference that the priority of their talk should be putting an end to the bloodshed and war and providing lasting ceasefire.

Meanwhile, according to reports, a delegation of Afghan prominent politicians, Jihadists, government officials, women and youth representatives and some Taliban figures went to Doha to participate in Intra-Afghan talks.

These talks come right after the US-Taliban peace talks in Doha, wherein the US delegation is led by the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad. This was the two sides’ seventh round of talks since it commenced for the first time in 2018.

There are some main conditions for which an agreement needs to be reached between the US officials and Taliban, to pave the way for a meaningful intra-Afghan dialogue.

However, the US-Taliban talks have come under fire for not only being inconclusive so far, but also ignoring the agency and interests of Afghan people like democratic rights, women’s rights, and other aspects which have been achieved in the past 18 years.

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