Council of Presidential Candidates Insist on Caretaker Government Post 22 May

At a press conference in Kabul, the council of presidential candidates insisted that as the National Unity Government’s term ends on May 22, they are calling for a caretaker government to cover delay to elections.

“The caretaker government could be headed by a presidential candidate if he withdraws from race”, believes the council of presidential candidates of Afghanistan.

“Our actions and intentions will not disorder public order and will not undermine the capability of our security and defense forces,” Presidential candidate Hameef Atmar said at a gathering.

Atmar said that first they will talk with the NUG leaders to accept their proposed plan and it should find a solution and then they will try to increase public awareness regarding the issue.

President Ghani’s spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri says the suggestion by the presidential candidates on the the establishment of a caretaker government has no legal base, calling the idea of caretaker government as a contravention with regards to constitutionality.

A caretaker government suggested by the candidates should be the supporter of peace talks, Atmar says, referring to a suggestion made by 11 presidential candidates as a replacement for the NUG after its term ends on May 22.

However, Hanif Atmar warned of nationwide actions if National Unity Government fails to step down on May 22.

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