Cracks Widen Jamiat-e-Islami As Intra-Party Tensions Rise

Senior leaders of Jamiat-e-Islami are flinging accusations at each other as they wrangle for the chairmanship of the party.

Atta Mohammad Noor, the chief executive of Jamiat accused party chairman Salahuddin Rabbani and another member Ahmad Zia Massoud of trying to monopolize the leadership of the party.

Earlier this week, Noor and other senior members of the Leadership Council, removed Rabbani and set-up senior member Enayatullah Shadab as the acting head until elections can be held for a new chairman.

The following day, Rabbani, who had been absent in that meeting, rejected the decision and accused his party members of misusing their reputation. He also suspended seven members of the party, including Noor and Shadab.

Ahmad Zia Massoud, deputy head of Jamiat, also rejected the decision for Rabbani’s ousting and accused Noor of sowing discord.

“What they [Rabbani’s rivals] did is against all principles of the party. This is a coup d’état with political motivations, Massoud said.

Noor told the media that Rabbani, who did not recognise the September elections and the current Afghan leaders, had been refusing to attend the party’s meetings if Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council of National Reconciliation was present.

The move was solely to prevent the party’s division, mismanagement and their failure to convene the party’s congress, Noor said.

Convening the congress would also mean that Rabbani, who is currently serving as the interim chief for two months, may be up for elections to gain legitimacy.

Noor surmises that Rabbani’s refusal to hold the congress is solely to maintain his grip over the chairmanship. He also accused Rabbani of doing nothing for the party’s welfare when he had been led them for the last seven years.

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