Defects spotted in Biometric Devices

TOLONews conducted a study on the biometric devices that are to be used for elections and found out that the devices that are to be actually used for the elections are different from the properly functioning samples demonstrated by the Independent Election Commission.
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As opposed to the first sample batch of devices that had a German company tag on them, the subsequent batch of devices which amount to 20,000 and are to be distributed across 20,053 polling stations do not bear the same German logo.

The German company “Dermalog” brand is nowhere to be seen and instead the devices show “made in China” tag.

TOLONews reported: “According to findings, another problem is regarding that of photographs as a photo can be produced opposed to a person’s face being photographed on the day.”

The response from Sayed Hafizullah Hashemi, IEC spokesman, has been “If there are problems in some parts, you have the right based on the law, political parties have the right and media outlets have the right to monitor.”

This comes after the controversy regarding the biometric devices. After a lot of pressure from opposition parties to use the technology for a fair and transparent electoral process, it was assured by the IEC that it will be used. However, structural issues like this might put up a huge doubt in the perception of people towards the election process.

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