Defense Minister Khalid: ANDSF to Remain Impartial During Presidential Elections

Minister Of Defense Assadullah Khalid said on Monday, while emphasising on the impartiality of ANDSF during elections, that for the sake of the holy month of Ramadan, the defense ministry provided 10,000 Afs. to 23,000 families of ANA Martyers and disables. Moreover, the ministry also has special plans to care for these families.

Minister Khalid said, “ANDSF will stay impartial during elections. I call on all ANA not to intervene in the elections. I call on all politicians not to try to intervene in the work on ANDSF. We will not accept recommendations for any appointments from them.”

Khalid assured that they are committed to peace and that any peace process that preserves the dignity of Afghans, human rights and the gains of 18 years, is welcomed.

“ANA is here to protect the population and Afghanistan. The international community stands on our side”, he said.

Khalid conceded that they will not allow anyone or group to disturb the normal lives of Afghans, “We will prevent any riot. Any opportunist trying to disturb the public order will be dealt with as per the law using the legitimate force.”

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