Economic Brief: Turning Afghanistan into an Exporting Country with Multiple Paths

Ajaml Ahmady, the acting minister of Industry and Commerce emphasised in a press conference that the ministry has put its efforts to turn Afghanistan into an exporting country instead of importing, support industry sector and improve trade situation in the country.

Ahmady briefed that they have 25 Industrial Parks right now and 8 new parks will be opened this year. “To provide investment opportunities we decreased the licenses fee from 30,000 Afs to 100 AFS,” he said.

Ahmady emphasised that through the Lapis Lazuli route, 175 tons of Afghanistan goods were exported to abroad and 570 tons of Afghanistan’s different products were transferred through Chabahar to India.

“Last year we had around USD 900 Million exports. Our target for this year is USD 1 billion. 550 flights carrying 6500 tons of Afghanistan goods were exported through air corridors”, stressed Ahmady.

Zahed Hamdard, Deputy Minister of Finance said in a press conference today that for the first time, IMF program has been implemented successfully.

He announced that as a part of reforms aimed at simplifying and improving financial management, all government institutions started to record their annual budget expenses into the AFMIS system.

Hamdard also added that for the first time, the Ministry of Finance spent 92.8 percent of their budget in year 1397.

Mustafa Mastoor, the Minister of Economy in the press conference informed that MoR spent around 93 percent of its budget in year 1397 while adding that implementation of the Productive Afghanistan Strategy is one of their main plans for this year.

In addition it was informed that NGOs have spent around USD 900 Million in Afghanistan last year and created jobs for 84033 people, including 23000 women which shows 7% improvement.

“For the first time we have developed profiles of each province, which includes enough information about each province”, said Mastoor.

He also said that as a policy making ministry, the MoE has developed Productive Afghanistan Strategy, Sustainable Development Goals, and One Province One Product scheme.

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