Egyptian Actress Laila Elwi’s Afghani Lookalike Trends on Social Media

Social media users have shared a photo of an Afghani woman they believe resembles famous Egyptian actress Laila Elwi (also spelled Laila Eloui).

A hashtag of the actress’s name started trending Wednesday on both Twitter and Facebook.
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The users found a strong resemblance in features between the two woman, pointing to Eloui’s role in the Execution of a Dead Man, a 1985 film directed by Ali Abdelkhaleq and starring Farid Shawky, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Poussy, Yehia El-Fakharany, Elwi, among others.

In the film, Elwi plays a role of Fatma (sister of protagonist Mansour, played by Abdelaziz), a young Bedouin woman wearing traditional clothing, reflecting local customs.

Elwi added to the social media trend, reposting the photo and commenting with an Arabic idiomatic expression that points to the strong resemblance between two people who are not related.

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