Election Support Group Calls on All Actors to Uphold Highest Standards of Conduct for Upcoming Elections

The Election Support Group released a statement on Sunday and encouraged the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan to continue making progress in their preparations for the upcoming presidential elections.

The ESG commended the incoming new voters, “The people of Afghanistan are doing their part to strengthen the integrity of the voter registry and the electoral process, as well as demonstrating their commitment to the democratic future of their country”.

The statement called on all candidates and supporters to publicly demonstrate clear leadership by following constitutional provisions and also urged the candidates to engage in fair competition. “All candidates must ensure a level playing field”, the statement said.

The ESG statement also reminded all stakeholders that they should not interfere in the electoral process, “All government officials are legally bound to separate their duties in government from campaigning in a manner that would benefit one candidate”.
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The ESG conceded by urging all actors to uphold the highest standards of conduct, something that the Afghan people deserve.

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