Election Teams of 12 Presidential Candidates Reject Council of Peace

12 Afghan presidential candidates have expressed that peace is a national and inclusive process, saying that no entity or group has exclusive authority to decide on this national issue.

These 12 individuals say that the Reconciliation Leadership Council which was recently established by government is not inclusive and they do not accept it.

These presidential candidates said in a statement that in all major national issues, especially on peace-related issues there is a constant need of consultation with them, otherwise no unilateral decision can be inclusive and safeguard the national interests.

The statement of these presidential candidates states that no consultation has been held with them regarding Reconciliation Leadership Council. The candidates called for the composition of Reconciliation Leadership Council to be changed at earliest opportunity and said that, with consultation with them the government should re-establish Reconciliation Leadership Council that is both national and capable of promoting peace as a national issue.

“Together with the true representatives of the parties, political parties, civil society, women and stakeholders, Reconciliation Leadership Council should be re-established within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that in addition to the national inclusion, government representatives is also part of it, so that national sense of participation in major national decision-making is provided, or else the current National Reconciliation Council is not acceptable,” the candidates added.

Omar Daudzai, the head of High Peace Council recently expressed that the main duty of the Council of Reconciliation, which was established earlier this week, is to portray a “clear and unified stance” of the Afghan government regarding the peace process.

Daudzai was assigned as spokesman of Reconciliation. Although, the members of the Reconciliation Council will be increased, opposition has been against the membership of many.

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