Emphasising on Consensus & Coherence, Daudzai Takes Charge of Regional Affairs Responsibility

On Wednesday, a ceremony on introducing Umer Daudzai as President Ashraf Ghani’s special envoy for regional affairs on consensus around peace and head of the HPC secretariat took place.

The address was begun by head of the High Peace Council Mohammad Karim Khalili, who said “We need to find a common point for ending the war in the country.” He expressed how the war has sacrificed Afghans for the past four decades and emphasised that peace is a demand of all Afghans.

Khalili pointed that it is imperative for the political parties to have consensus among them.

Assuring and reiterating the nature of the peace process, the HPC Chief said “Peace process should be under the leadership of Afghans as they are the owners of Afghanistan”.

Khalili called for unity between government and political parties in dealing with the Taliban.

“I thank the president for appointing an active person (Omar Daudzai) as head of High Peace Council secretariat” chief Khalili finally conceded while adding that “The day is not far off when Taliban say they are proud of Afghan forces.“

Omar Daudzai, began his address by saying that ”We are close to peace, we will be witness to remarkable progress in coming months”.

“We want a lasting peace across the country”, Daudzai said.

However, the newly appointed head of HPC Secretariat remarked that peace process will not be complete until the refugees have not returned home. “The idea of eliminating the Taliban was wrong” Daudzai says, adding that peace is the right way to solve the problem of Afghanistan.

“You will soon witness a group that will work on a peace deal,” Daudzai expressed.

“We have not sat with the Taliban so far, but foreigners are sitting and it is a progress, I welcome it” he said as there are ongoing talks between US and Taliban in Abu Dhabi.

Daudzai assured that peace will come in the near future and that he hopes that all will stand together for it.

He also expressed and explained how the Afghan peace requires three types of consensus: internal consensus, international consensus and regional consensus. Addingg that while the international community has consensus on Afghanistan peace, they are now working on a five-year policy once peace comes to exist. However, there is yet to be a consensus on the mechanism, price and sacrifice for peace, he described.

“The government’s decision to send a negotiating team led by Salam Rahimi to talk with the Taliban is a good step to avoid factions in talks with the Taliban. With the experience and connections I have had with the countries of the region, I now have the duty to create a regional consensus on Afghanistan’s peace.
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We also need a national consensus as well as sacrifice for peace. Some women are rightly worried. We have a duty to strengthen national unity with peace”, he conceded.

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