Envoys, International Leaders Wish Afghanistan On 101st Independence Day

President Ashraf Ghani laid a wreath at the Independence Minaret in the Ministry of Defense in Kabul on Tuesday morning, marking Afghanistan’s 101st anniversary of independence.

Even the rocket attack on Kabul that wounded 14 people did not deter the celebratory parades that were held across the country to commemorate the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 that granted the country freedom from the British Empire.

Most messages wished for peace in Afghanistan with the country on the cusp of starting the intra-Afghan negotiations with the Taliban.

The Embassy of Italy in Afghanistan condemned the rocket attack on Kabul in their message. “We strongly condemn today’s firing of rockets in Kabul, which only strengthens the Afghan people’s and their partners’ resolve for peace and prosperity.”

“We support your determination to secure a united, democratic Afghanistan where rights of all are protected and respected,” said Deputy U.S. Ambassador to Kabul Karen Decker.

NATO Resolute Support Commander General Scott Miller posted a video on Twitter and called for a reduction in violence.

“We stand behind your Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) as they secure peace in Afghanistan. Now is the time to reduce violence and build a political path towards peace.”

The United Nations organisations in Afghanistan shared “the hope that the year ahead will witness a breakthrough in peace efforts and forging of a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.”

Roland Kobia, the European Union’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, sent his “warm wishes” for “a day that comes with blood again, attacking people & symbols, but your quest and resilience for peace will prevail.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping referred to the 65 years of diplomatic relations between the two nation based on “mutual respect, friendship and mutual cooperation” and said they will continue to work on developing and expanding these ties.

“The Afghan peace and reconciliation process faces historic opportunities. I believe that under your leadership the Afghan people of various ethnic groups will overcome all difficulties and realize peace, stability, development, and prosperity at an early date,” said the leader.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, wished President Ashraf Ghani “constant good health and happiness and the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan security and stability.”

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan extended his “heartfelt congratulations” to the “brotherly nation of Afghanistan” and wished for the further expansion of bilateral ties.

Erdogan added that Turkey would continue to “support Afghanistan to achieve peace at this juncture while the country is undergoing a critical transition in terms of sustainable peace, security and prosperity.”

The British Embassy in Kabul said, “Hope all Afghans are able to celebrate the country’s rich history and to look forward at this crucial time for a brighter future for Afghanistan.”

The French Embassy in Kabul paid homage to the families of all the victims in the decades of war and constant violence, and wished for peace.

“France reaffirms its belief in the capacity of the Republican institutions to build on the important gains of the past 19 years in terms of democracy, rule of law and protection of women’s and minority rights, freedom of expression and freedom of press,” the embassy tweeted.

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