Erdoğan: Peace & Stability in Afghanistan of Paramount Importance to Turkey

Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says that peace and stability in Afghanistan has a paramount importance to Turkey.

In a meeting with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of Afghan government, Mr. Erdoğan said that Turkey stands with people and government of Afghanistan. He also assured the cooperation of his country with Afghanistan.

The Turkish president added that his country supports the efforts to achieve peace in Afghanistan and called for a permanent, fair and enforceable peace in the country.

He praised the government of Afghanistan for transferring the responsibilities of the Afghan-Turkish schools to Turkish Educational Foundation and stated that Turkey is ready to invest, export and import to Afghanistan in accordance with the needs of the country.

While expressing appreciation to efforts of Turkey to bring peace in Afghanistan, Chief Executive said that the Taliban are the main obstacle to peace in Afghanistan because they are not ready for Intra-Afghan and direct talks with government and the people of Afghanistan.

Mr. Abdullah reassured the Afghan government’s commitment to transferring Afghan-Turkish schools to the Turkish Educational Foundation, saying that Afghan Ministry of Education and other relevant institutions are working to finalize the process.

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