ESG Calls on Electoral Bodies to Act Impartially

ESG Calls on Electoral Bodies to Act Impartially


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5 Feb 2020

The Election Support Group (ESG) has said it recognized the patience all Afghans displayed awaiting the announcement of presidential election results and asked the electoral bodies to act impartially.

‘Safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process is paramount. It has required considerable resources and time,’ the group said in a statement, adding it noted recent statements by electoral authorities that they will shortly announce important decisions on appeals adjudication process.

We are committed to supporting the efforts of all stakeholders working to protect the integrity of the elections and the will of Afghan voters.’

For candidates and voters to retain confidence in the process and the outcome, both the Independent Election Commission ( IEC ) and the Electoral Complaints Commission ( ECC ) must ensure that their work was impartial, transparent, open to public scrutiny and compliant with the relevant laws and regulations, the ESG said. ‘We urge the electoral management bodies to ensure that the election is completed in a timely manner.’

The group asked all stakeholders to respect the electoral process and let the commissions perform their work independently and free from interference.

‘We remind all candidates and their supporters of their obligations under the law and the Code of Conduct. Above all, stakeholders must refrain from any actions that could lead to instability, or compromise the credibility of the electoral process.’

Until the final election results are certified and a new government formed, the guiding principles of the National Unity Government (NUG) must continue to prevail.

‘This is essential for the unity of the government and its ability to pursue important goals such as peace and economic growth, and for the cohesion and neutrality of the security forces.