EU Envoy: Time for Afghans to Move Peace Process Forward

In a press conference addressed by President Ashraf Ghani and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Federica Maria Mogherini, the EU envoy expressed that the conditions for peace in Afghanistan have been provided and that Afghans should move forward the process. President Ghani said he sees a big opportunity for a better future for Afghanistan.

Mogherini said the EU will continue to support the Afghan peace, adding that there should be a ceasefire in order to move forward the peace talks. A comprehensive ceasefire is one of the four key conditions and matters that have to be reached upon so as to conclude a final draft of the peace deal, talks of which happen in sessions between US and Taliban.

Mogherini, while talking about an inclusive participation in the peace process, emphasised that Afghan women should have an active role in the peace process.

Regarding Pakistani leadership, she expressed that it has expressed its support to peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban very clearly. However, this comes after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made remarks on Saturday that the Afghan government is hindering the peace process for demanding its participation in the US led talks with Taliban, and any other interaction of the group with any regional countries.

Mogherini said that the aim of the European Union’s assistance to Afghanistan is to help the country achieve peace.
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At the press conference, President Ghani said that the European Union has no other agenda than seeing peace and stability in the world.

Ghani expressed that the upcoming consultative Jirga/Grand Assembly will provide the opportunity for Afghans to decide on their future. The upcoming consultative Jirga is to be participated in by over 2000 members from across the country.

Ghani added that the basis of the country’s foreign policy is creating a positive vision among the international community towards Afghanistan.

The president emphasised how Afghanistan is suffering from the violence which is the consequence of internal as well as regional and international conditions.

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