Europe Vital for Afghan Peace, US-Taliban Negotiations Reached no Conclusion so Far: Zaman & Potzel

The role of Europe, especially Germany, is vital for peace, the Deputy Foreign Minister Idrees Zaman said on Wednesday during a joint press conference with German Special Envoy Markus Potzel, adding that Germany wants to play a role in the peace process.

Zaman said that the the sixth round of peace talks between US and Taliban in Doha did not have a “significant outcome”.

Moreover, the role of women is vital in the peace process and should be considered, Zaman said while adding that “our red line is our Constitution and our achievements”.

“I have come here to speed up Afghan peace process”, Germany special envoy Potzel assured while addressing the press conference in Kabul. Potzel added that this is his fourth time he is visiting Kabul this year to accelerate the peace process.

“We want to withdraw our forces from Afghanistan but in a proper and appropriate time,” says German Special Envoy Markus Potzel while adding that this is a good opportunity for violence in Afghanistan to finally end.

However, Potzel expressed that US and Taliban have not reached any conclusion despite holding sixth rounds of talks.

Potzel explained that the US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is working on four important issues regarding the Afghan peace process which include the timeline for US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan, counterterrorism assurances, intra-Afghan dialogue and the reducing violence and in April, it was decided that all European nations should help Afghanistan to maintain the achievements of the past 18 years.

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