Exclusive: Majority of Kabul Citizens Worried About Contracting Coronavirus

An exclusive Reporterly survey found that 58% of Kabul city residents are worried about contracting Coronavirus. More than half the people are taking the adequate precautions such as washing hands, staying at home and wearing gloves and masks when going out.

The independent field study was conducted from April 28 to May 5, to look at the impact of Coronavirus on the lives of Kabul residents. As Afghanistan’s COVID-19 cases crossed the 8,000 mark, lockdown measures continued to be in place across the country. This barrier to normal, everyday life, has affected many people, leaving them locked at home, maybe unemployed, struggling financially and/or socially.

Of the 200 people surveyed, the lockdown has adverse consequences with 53% of respondents stating their offices remained shut. Around 4% of the people said they had already lost their job. Also, 96% of respondents said that they had not received any government assistance during the quarantine. Over 28% of the respondents said they were doing poorly financially.

The impacts of the virus have also been felt in the social lives and everyday behaviour of Kabul citizens. According to 50% of respondents, since the imposition of movement restrictions due to Coronavirus outbreak, their social and family relationships have changed in ways where they get nervous or lose their temper. Though the virus has brought many challenges, its positive impact has also been noted by some people who said they were able to get more intimate with their family members due to the lockdown.

On a lighter note, reading has emerged as the favoured pastime activity during the quarantine by a large margin. 45% of the respondents said they had been reading to entertain themselves as they stayed at home. The second popular activity is watching movies (23%), followed by browsing social media (10%). More than half the people were not participating in household chores, and those who did, majorly engaged in cooking, 39%.

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