Factors that Led Former Afghan Representative to UN Mahmoud Saiqal’s Resignation at the Foreign Ministry

Mahmoud Saiqal, the former Representative of Afghanistan to United Nations resigned from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in protest of unreceptive, passive and discriminatory reactions.

Mr. Saiqal, in a letter to the leaders of National Unity government of Afghanistan said that “on a daily basis, the initiative fell into the hands of others and our diplomatic system was reactionary, passive, contradictory, tangible, unpopular, unconventional and unprofessional.
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He announced that due to these reasons he resigned from MoFA.

Mr. Saiqal talked about the letter which he had written for leaders of National Unity government in October 2018 and said that in his letter he referred to what he described as the effects of anarchy of domestic policy and governance on foreign policy of Afghanistan.

The former Representative of Afghanistan to United Nations said that the leaders of National Unity Government neither paid attention to his suggestion to improve the situation nor gave time to his letter which had been waiting for six months to receive a response from the leaders of NUG.

In another part of the letter Mr. Saiqal talked about his role during representing Afghanistan at the United Nations and said that he had done what he could do to serve Afghanistan. “The adoption of a purposeful, active, dynamic and innovative diplomacy in New York has promoted Afghanistan’s position in the international community, and has focused on addressing the underlying factors of Afghanistan crisis, and has paved the ground for Afghanistan as an active player in world politics,” Mahmoud Saiqal said in the letter.

Mahmoud Saiqal, who has years of experience in serving in the foreign policy of Afghanistan, said that “I wished and I tried to make a clear Afghan vision to improve domestic policy and governance in Kabul, in the light of which I could present a preventive and active diplomacy for peace and war for our country. But unfortunately, this didn’t become a reality due to a variety of reasons. ”

Mahmoud Saiqal started his career in Afghanistan’s foreign policy in 1993 in Tokyo. He was subsequently appointed as Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Australia in 2002, and in 2005 also assumed the responsibility as deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. Mahmoud Saiqal studied international development in Australia.

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