Flash Floods Across Afghanistan Claim Lives Of Over 100 People

In the past day, flash floods across Afghanistan have killed over 100 people and left nearly as many wounded.

Search and rescue operations in Parwan have recovered 85 bodies so far and over 120 more were wounded. The governor of Parwan and the State Minister for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs, said they needed assistance packaged for 5,000 families, along with 3,000 tents, drinking water, food and monetary aid for the victims of the Charikar flooding.

Preliminary statistics showed about 500 residential homes and large swathes of agricultural land had been destroyed.

The Presidential Palace has said that the Ministry of Finance will allocate funds and resources for rebuilding the destroyed Charikar city canal.

The Ministry of Defence has been available on the location to carry out rescue operations and has even been distributing food.

Local officials said most victims were women and children.

Bad weather also continued with the possibility of more flooding hampering rescue operations overnight.

Flooding also occurred in Kapisa’s Koh Band district on Wednesday night, killing eight people and wounding 10.

Kapisa police spokesperson Shayeq Shoresh said thousands of acres of lands were destroyed and the provincial capital was also affected, along with Markaz and Nijrab districts.

At least 20 casualties were also reported in flash floods in Kabul’s Sarobi district on Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, floods in Panjshir’s Anabah district also killed at least two people, wounded two more and left one missing, Mansour Enbabi, the provincial governor’s spokesperson told Reporterly.

While flood waters rose in the Shotal, Abshar and Rokah districts, along with the provincial capital of Bazarak, casualties were only reported in Anabah.

Public roads in the province were closed due to flood waters in Shotal and Anabah.

Officials have asked people to evacuate if they see the water levels rise.

Flooding was also reported in Wardak, Nuristan and Logar provinces, but no reports of casualties have come yet.

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