Former President Karzai Calls on Taliban to Stop the War, Expresses Doubts Over Presidential Election Fairness

Former President Hamid Karzai while addressing a press conference in Kabul expressed that bids to fuel division among the people are underway and that terrorist and extremist groups will benefit from it.

“We have supported the US efforts for the peace process in Afghanistan but we will not accept the US and Pakistan’s deal on our soil. No doubt, we want to have (good) relations with Pakistan,” Karzai said.

He also remarked that so far, the peace process is not Afghan-owned, and instead it should be led by Afghans and owned by Afghans. He said that peace process should not be handed to other countries.

He also made a statement to Taliban, saying “if you (Taliban) consider yourself true son of this country, then come forward and stop the war against your brothers.”

The former president added that instability in Afghanistan will not benefit the neighboring countries as well, and that these countries must work with Afghans for a stable Afghanistan.

Regarding the elections, Karzai said that the election in Afghanistan is not under control of Afghans. He added that the election is under the US control. “Actually, I am against the election. I want the election when it is in our hand,” he commented. “I am in no-way optimistic for (presidential) elections but consider it a conspiracy… Afghans don’t own this election. We can have a fair election when we have (full) authorities of this land”, Karzai said.

“Today, we are killing each other for the US and Pakistan war,” Karzai expressed while saying that Afghans should be wise and take calculated steps in peace process toward a lasting peace.

He called on the government leaders to realize the foreign conspiracies and don’t fall victim to them, “Don’t push for surge in violence in the country”.

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