Former Prez Karzai: Pak and US Started the War, Must Cooperate to End it

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai delivered a speech at a peace gathering in Kabul and expressed that Afghans, peace means the end of the war and an Afghanistan with dignity, adding that no neighbouring country should be able to use Afghanistan for their own interest.

Karzai pointed out that Afghans should have a role in ending the country’ war.

“We want peace but not external deals on our soil between the US and other countries,” Karzai said. “How are we reaching to this goal? The answer is the people’s unity.”

He also remarked that it is known that countries like US and Pakistan have an important role in the peace process because they started the war and they must end it and he demanded Afghanistan’s rights in the peace process.

“We want that the US and its allies in their efforts for peace, get our neighbor’s full trust and peace will not come if our neighbors do not trust the peace process and think that they are not involved,”, Karzai said.
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Meanwhile, at the same gathering CE Abdullah Abdullah also said that it has been four decades since the war started in Afghanistan, adding that “you witnessed what happened during this time.”

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said that the continuation of violence while talking peace is two contradictory options and said that peace should be followed by country-wide security.

CE Abdullah highlighted that peace is the priority of a wide range of people and they will do whatever they can for long-lasting peace. “They should fight for their ideology politically. If we have elections like 2014’s and parliamentary election than people will not trust us again”, he said.

Meanwhile, Former chairperson of Independent Human Rights Commission, Sima Samar, is of the opinion that there would be no peace progress until the basic human rights are violated in Afghanistan.

“We should be talking positive peace not only ending the war. There is a scene of ambiguity on this. People including women, war-affected people should attend the talks. Those attending the ( peace ) talks must represent national interests, not personal interests”, she said.

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