Four Taliban Members Killed In Explosion in Taloqan City of Takhar Province

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Guess what? At least four Taliban members had been killed and seven others had been injured after an explosion rocked Taloqan city in Takhar province.


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  • However, sources at the Takhar Provincial Hospital confirmed that six people had been killed and 20 wounded.
  • Sources said that the blast happened on Thursday evening at Sar Chowk area in Taloqan city.
  • Three civilians were also among the wounded.
  • The blast was caused by a sticky mine planted in a vehicle related to Nezamuddin Nezam, the Taliban’s district governor for Khawaja Bahauddin.
  • It was unclear whether Nezam was killed or injured in the blast.
  • Sources added that the wounded were taken to a hospital, however, the Taliban have not yet given details about the blast.
  • No group has claimed immediate responsibility for the incident.


Back story: This comes after an explosion occurred last week in front of Abu Osman Taloqani High School, a district in the fourth district of Taloqan city, which did not cause any casualties.


Zoom out: There have been a series of attacks against Taliban over the past few days. It seems like a similar strategy being adopted by the anti-Taliban fronts wherein they are carrying out explosions and suicide blasts in order to rattle the group just like they did during the Republican era.

  • On Thursday, Samiullah Maiwand, a Taliban member, had been killed due to an explosion in Karte Naw area of Kabul. The explosion targeted a Taliban outpost in district 8 of the capital city.
  • On February 21 too, an explosion rocked district two of Kabul city. The blast is said to have taken place near Abul fazl Shia shrine and in proximity to Taliban’s ministry of finance. However, the Taliban maintained that there were no casualties.
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