Freedom of Expression & Democracy Threatened, Violated in Afghanistan: Karzai

Former President Hamid Karzai says freedom of speech and democracy have been gradually threatened and violated for the past years in Afghanistan.

During a press conference in Kabul on Monday, the ex-president said, “The reason for the acceptance of the new Afghanistan was the constitution, respect for human rights, the right to vote and democracy. Unfortunately for past three to four years, the freedom of speech and democracy are gradually being threatened and violated in the country.”

Karzai declared that the analysts, authors and writers have been threatened by unknown call numbers to be silent.

“The threats to those who supported the beginning of US peace talks with Taliban increased a year ago. The first person who was threatened was Mullah Zaeef. He was threatened by the Afghan National Security of Directorate after the intra-Afghan peace talks in Moscow. Similarly, other figures who worked for peace.
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Pointing to the assassination of Wahid Mozhda, one of the political analysts, Karzai noted that he had different views with Mozhda, but despite the differences, he had accepted and respected his right to freedom of speech and thought.

Referring to the Afghan peace process, Karzai stated that he wants peace but not at an expense of losing the achievements of the past 18 years. He called Afghanistan’s 18 years achievements based on the Islamic principles and democracy.

The former president continued to say that the security forces should be neutral and serve the national interest of the country, but not for the personal purposes of anyone.

He also demanded President Ghani to review the situation in Afghanistan. Karzai believes that, the situation in the country is deteriorating and President Ghani must cooperate with the citizens.

In the meantime, regarding the Presidential election of Afghanistian, the ex-president declared that the failure to announce the results of elections after two months is itself a crisis.

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