Fully ready for Turkish summit: President Ghani

Kabul: The Afghan government will participate in the Istanbul Summit in Turkey with full readiness, said Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, who recently prepared a three-stage plan called “Final Achievement” for the peace process and explained it at a ceremony at the presidential palace two days ago.

Pictures and content of the meeting were published on Wednesday night, in which Ghani stressed on the need to seize the opportunity to establish peace in the country.

“We are fully prepared to attend the Turkish summit and Zalmai Khalilzad and his colleagues will return to Kabul next week for a constructive discussion with the United States. Our discussion is not sporadic and is a regular one,” he said. The peace plan presented by Ashraf Ghani has three parts which includes political stability, establishing a peace government and consulting on peace for the final success of this process. Explaining his peace plan, the Afghan president stressed the importance of the constitution, saying that any peace plan prepared without a constitution would run counter to the republic’s values. He added that until the elections are held and the constitution is amended, any negotiations and decisions must be made in accordance with the current constitution.

In addition to the peace plan, Ghani and Zalmai Khalilzad, the US Special Representative for the Afghan peace process, have received more than 30 other proposals from political parties and civil society, the Afghan National Reconciliation Council says.

The President of Afghanistan added that if the good of the country is that the current government shortens its term, he and his colleagues are ready to hold early elections and he will not be a candidate in this election. He reiterated that Afghanistan’s future leader must derive his legitimacy from the election.

Ghani clarified, “No one should think that the president-elect and his deputies will resign or submit to a shameful agreement. They will lead the elections so that we can hand over the national authority legitimately and according to the will of the people.”

A ceasefire has been one of the main demands of the Afghan government before reaching a peace agreement with the Taliban.

Referring to the current war in Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani said that the current war is not a jihad, but a war for political purposes.
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He once again called on the Taliban to agree to a ceasefire to end the war in the country.

“A ceasefire is a national necessity and the Taliban should not be afraid of a ceasefire,” he said.

The role of the United Nations in the Afghan government’s peace efforts was another issue that the President emphasized in describing his peace plan, saying that there was no alternative to the United Nations. He added that achieving lasting peace in Afghanistan requires the assurance of the UN Security Council and the international community.

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