Geneva Conference Must Ensure Protection Of Human Rights in Afghanistan: Amnesty International

Ahead of The Geneva Quadrennial Pledging Conference this month, Amnesty International has sought full commitment towards protecting and building Afghanistan’s human rights. The donors’ conference, hosted by the UN, Finnish and Afghan governments, will be held on November 23 and 24.

Amnesty International Deputy South Asia Director, Omar Waraich said it was not the time for international communities to withdraw their support or step back from aiding Afghanistan given the surge in violence in the country. He underlined the need to protect human rights in the conflict-ravaged state which is also battling to manage COVID-19 spread because of one of the weakest health infrastructures in the world.

Pointing to the recent attacks that killed hundreds of civilians despite peace talks, the Deputy Amnesty Head asserted that protection of human rights in Afghanistan seemed out of political spectrum. He added that the financial aid from international donors has been pivotal in propagating limited but important progress in the past two decades.

Waraich reiterated that financial advances should not be withdrawn and that the Geneva Conference must ensure protection of human rights in Afghanistan.

According to a UNICEF report, about 2.2 million girls in Afghanistan are devoid of education and participation of women in government operations remain limited. While violence against women continues to rise in the country. On women education, Waraich said, “The Afghan government and donor partners must build on the hard-won gains made by Afghan women over the past two decades by making clear commitments to support programs to eradicate violence against women, strengthen women’s participation at all levels of government and increase girls’ access to education across the country”.

In other areas such as conflict, civilian attacks, and displacement, Waraich said the civilians have been the worst affected with gross violation of human rights and humanitarian laws. He added that the Geneva Conference should work in tandem with regards to human rights and held the preparators accountable for gross violation of humanitarian laws.

Amnesty International, in the forthcoming conference, will discuss over funding in areas of women rights, conflict and civilian casualties, internally displaced people, justice and human rights.

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