German Cabinet Today Approved Law to Extend Bundeswehr Mission in Afghanistan

The Germany’s federal cabinet today (Thursday) approved a law that aims to extend the mandate for the Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan.

The Germany’s Federal Foreign Office in a press release today said that the German Bundestag is now set to vote on this proposal.

The press release said one of the purposes of the mission is to help maintain the conditions that are needed to conduct the intra-Afghan peace negotiations.

“This progress should be maintained, while at the same time a stable political solution must be found that ends the continued high level of violence and offers all Afghans brighter prospects for the future,” the press release reads.

The German Federal Foreign Office said, “The current peace talks between the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban are an important step in this direction. However, this process is still in its early days.
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Progress requires continued support from the international community.”

The press release cited that the German Government is currently only planning to extend the Bundeswehr’s mandate until 31 January 2022.

“Germany thereby intends to remain a reliable partner, both within NATO and for its partners in northern Afghanistan, where it has assumed a special role as the framework nation for the region. At the same time, the Bundeswehr must be able to adequately respond should Resolute Support be adapted in any way. In such an event, special priority will be given to ensuring the safety of the Bundeswehr soldiers who are in the country,” the press release added.

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