Ghani Calls on International Community Not to Stay Silent Against Such Attacks

In reaction to last night’s suicide attack on a wedding ceremony in Kabul, President Ghani called on the international community, the UN and Islamic countries not to stay silent against such attacks, but to unify with the Afghans in condemning the terrorist attack.

Addressing a special security meeting at the Presidential Palace regarding the terrorist attack on a wedding hall in PD6 Kabul city, president Ghani said, “the attack was carried out on a ceremony where there was no military or government target and it was the biggest and most heinous crime against humanity.”

He added that targeting people at joyous occasions, mosques, schools, and public centers reflects the judgement of a terrorist group who are determined to kill people. Afghan people have always seen the Taliban repeatedly claim the responsibility for suicide attacks and explosion, which resulted in killing of large number of Afghan civilians, Mr. Ghani said.

He stressed: “Taliban are the main factor for civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Afghan people will not forget the crimes of this barbaric group.”

He called on the international community, the UN and Islamic countries not to stay silent against such attacks. Ghani said that Taliban cannot absolve themselves of blame, for they provide platform for terrorists.

Security forces will take the revenge of innocent people from the terrorists and suppress them in every corner through legitimate use of power, President Ghani said.

Meanwhile, CE Abdullah has strongly condemned Saturday night’s terrorist attack on wedding party and said that by insisting to continue the war and showing dishonesty in peace process, Taliban caused the continuation of killing of Afghan people.

“Causing the innocent people to mourn does not give any credit to the criminals and the attack has no justification”, Dr.
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Abdullah said. Meanwhile, the suicide bombing that occurred at a wedding in PD6 of Kabul city on Saturday killed 63 people and wounded 182.

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