Ghani: Efforts Towards Peace Getting Better Day by Day

President Ghani, in his speech at the Fifth Annual EU Anti-Corruption Conference thanked the EU for their assistance to Afghanistan for the past 18 years and added that the presidential elections will be held on time. He said that any efforts towards peace are getting better day by day.

“Every attack on children is attack on entire humanity”, Ghani said, referring to the recent Taliban attacks in which a number of children were killed and wounded.

President Ghani also pointed out how the Afghans are sacrificing their lives in the war on a daily basis, “This country want peace and we will bring peace and there should be no doubt, and there are challenges ahead of way to peace but there is should be strong determination”.

Ghani added that Afghans want peace and they will bring peace and there should be no doubt in that. “There are challenges on the way of peace but there is a strong commitment,” he said.

With regards to the Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who reconciled with government and is running for president, President Ghani remarked that they will welcome him, and he hopes that the nation votes for him,”.

Turning the leaf to relations with other countries, President Ghani said that Afghanistan and the US are pursuing a common purpose, and also added that “We have opened a new chapter in our relations with Pakistan”.

Ghani affirmed that now is the time for peace and the opportunity should be used, while highlighting that Afghanistan is not the first nation to reach peace. “Our war aspects are complex, and using the global experience is a must,” Ghani said.

He also commented on the talks between Taliban and Afghans for peace and said that such talks should take place between the government and the Taliban, because they are the two sides of the war.

With respect to corruption, President Ghani clarified that fighting corruption is not responsibility of one person but is rather the responsibility of the nation.

Ghani also highlighted that Afghanistan is engaged in good governance, peace, nation, and regional connectivity-building.
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