Ghani In Kapisa: We Don’t Want Peace To Destroy Us

“We want peace to make the situation better and to reduce the violence in the country,” said President Ashraf Ghani in his address in Kapisa on Wednesday.

Ghani said all Afghans want lasting peace but not at the price of getting destroyed. He was leading leading a high-level delegation, accompanied by First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, to review the general security status of the province.

“The whole nation wants peace with dignity that is long-lasting and within the frameworks of the Republic,” said the president and added his work was to attract the Taliban “inside this framework.”

“There is a national consensus in this area,” Ghani said. “Barring a few. They are dreaming and think that if they form a government with Taliban, no one would hang [attack] them; they should rethink.”

While addressing the civil and military officials, along with the elders in the provincial capital Mahmoud Raqi city, Ghani stressed that the final decision on peace will be made by the Afghan people and no one will be able to impose anything by force.

Ghani also noted that the peace process was proceeding in accordance to the government’s plans.

As president, he said his second task was to protect the sacrifice and the work done by the Afghan security forces so that peace continues and persists.

For that, he said prudence and caution should be exercised.

“We don’t want peace to destroy us,” Ghani said.

Ghani also spoke on the roots of insecurity in Kapisa and said they start outside the province and “must be cut.”

“We will invest more in the public uprising forces,” Ghani added, to provide unity and security in the province.

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