Ghani: Taliban Can’t Get Privilege in Peace Talks by Targeting Civilians

President Ghani in a reaction to Sunday’s vehicle bomb explosion in Ghazni city said that, Taliban should know that it is not possible to gain privileges in peace talks by targeting civilians especially children.

President Ghani condemned the suicide attack in Ghazni and called it a criminal act, the presidential palace press office said in a statement on Sunday.

“This action of Taliban is considered crime against humanity and with committing this crime they once again showed their hostility with people of Afghanistan”, Mr. Ghani added.

President Ghani stressed that “by carrying out this terrorist attack, the Taliban has shown that there is a serious contradiction to their speech and actions. While they are in talks in Qatar, but in Afghanistan they everyday kill innocent people especially women and children.”

On Sunday morning a vehicle packed with explosive components exploded in Ghani province which killed and injured around 200 people including children, students and security personnel.

The Taliban claimed responsibility of the attack.

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